Install Smappi Client for Python to use

Published at: April 4, 2018, 3:33 p.m. in the Documentation

To make it easier to work with the Smappi API and Python, smappi-py was implemented.
With this client, you can call any API as function calls.

Python version 2.7 and higher, including version 3, is supported.


Simple installation from PyPI:

pip install smappi

Or you can download the repository and install it manually:

git clone
cd smappi-py
python install

Let's analyze a couple of examples

All is simple enough, you need to pass to the smappi function the path to the API and call the required method:

from smappi import smappi

# smappi('<username>/<api>').<func>(**kwargs)
"Hello, friend!"

Or here is another example, with a demonstration of format API and option as list:

import smappi

smappi.Request('adw0rd/example', 'json').calculator(digits=[42, 42, 42])

smappi.Request('adw0rd/example', 'json').calculator(digits='42,42,42')

Smappi as much as possible tries to be intuitively understandable to usage!