What is this for?

Published at: April 4, 2018, 3:30 p.m. in the Documentation

Smappi is a platform on which you can find or create a new API.
Imagine that this is like GitHub, but with the hosting of your application, which provides any API.

What does Smappi provide to API customers?

  • Instead of you, the community develops new APIs and supports existing APIs
  • You no longer have to correct the parsers or crawlers yourself, this will be done by the authors and maintainers
  • But if you want, you can always make your changes to an existing public API or create new
  • Free use of any API, within the specified plans of API developers
  • The ability to select a data format (now supported by JSON, XML and SOAP)
  • Fixing the version of the API used so that the changes do not affect you
  • Customers in popular languages ​​are available (currently supported by Python and NodeJS)
  • Ability to use HTTP or HTTPS, GET or POST as you need for the task
  • Automatic generation of documentation with live examples
  • You use APIs that are checked by automatic tests (now only the doctests)
  • A log is maintained, you can subscribe to events of different types (ERROR, WARN, INFO, ...)
  • There is an Issue-tracker for communicating with the authors of the API

And what about API developers?

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