API author or maintainer

  • Avito Property - Парсер объявлений по Недвижимости на Авито
  • Kinopoisk - АПИ для Кинопоиска по фильмам
  • CIAN Property - Парсер ЦИАНа
  • CryptoCurrency - Aggregate rates from Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Litecoin ...) https://adw0rd.github.io/CryptoCurrency/
  • Chatea - Simple Chat Backend API as example for https://adw0rd.github.io/chatea
  • Example - Example of API
  • Instagram Private - Instagram Private API to upload photo and video, search by hashtags, follow/unfollow and likes features
  • Smappi Proxy Test - Simple tests for https://proxy.smappi.org/
  • CadastRus - Cached-proxy Cadastre API for http://rosreestr.ru/api/
  • IMDB movie - An Unofficial API for IMDb.com. Use it to collect data from IMDb.
  • Chatea with volumes - Now chatea does not lose messages after rebuild


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