Smappi is a platform on which you can find or create a new API.

Imagine that this is like GitHub, but with the hosting of your

application, which provides any API.



Call func by HTTP or HTTPS Send data as GET, POST or JSON Get JSON, XML, SOAP, GraphQL Bindings are implemented for popular languages, such as Python



Create a free GIT-repository The documentation is built automatically by docstrings The Smappi SDK contains many useful libraries that will allow you to write any API in a short time Develop by NodeJS and Smappi CL


Only use API without make bugfixes and improvements - developers will do it for you You can suggest your wishes in Issue-tracker, read Logs a nd News


Isolated launch of your API in a Docker container A convenient Log with filtering by levels Agile tests as docstrings with masks and regexp For permanent data storage, you can use Volumes with SQLite or something else


For the works of developers it will be possible to pay if you exceed the free limits


The developer's work must be paid, we help in this process, adding motivation Flexible creation of plans and limits, identification by Customer ID with Secret Key Minimal fee for Smappi



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Latest projects Feed

Smappi Proxy Test

author: adw0rd

Simple tests for


author: adw0rd

Cached-proxy Cadastre API for


author: adw0rd

Aggregate rates from Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Litecoin ...

IMDB movie

author: adw0rd

An Unofficial API for Use it to collect data from IMDb.

Chatea with volumes

fork of adw0rd/Chatea

author: milash

Now chatea does not lose messages after rebuild


author: adw0rd

Simple Chat Backend API as example for

Avito Property

author: adw0rd

Парсер объявлений по Недвижимости на Авито


author: adw0rd

Example of API

GKH Parser

author: milash

Парсер информации с сайта

DomClick Property

author: milash

Парсер объявлений недвижимости DomClick

Instagram Private

author: adw0rd

Instagram Private API to upload photo and video, search by hashtags, follow/unfollow and likes features